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TESTIMONIAL - Mike and Jill

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Mike & Jill - Hinckley

This is another tale of a deadline - Mikes 50th, this time in 2 weeks!

Colin and Jasons other challenge was that Jill already had lots of doors and panels waiting in the loft for 7 years. Moores rose to the challenge in big style. After producing 3 designs that used the existing door sizes (an amazingly difficult job) they produced the perfect design for them.

Mike & Jills kitchen is, and they don't mind us saying it, a bowling alley. It is only 7ft wide by 18ft long. Colin (enthusiastically hindered by Mike) ripped out the old kitchen and discovered a false wall. Taking this out extend the width in one part of the kitchen by nearly 8 inches. Trust us, those 8 inches counted for a lot, but they were to pose an interesting problem later on.

The whole fit was one of constantly having to solve challenges and provide solutions. Colin and his craftsman-like carpentry skills was more than up to the challenge.

Back to that new wider bit of the kitchen... It meant that there was now a kink where a kink shouldn't be! The problem was with the worktop, it should have been been straight, but the kink foiled that. Colin and Jason scratched their heads for all of an hour before devising the most complicated yet elegant (and hidden) cut of the worktop.

Mike & Jill were overcome with joy when they saw the finished kitchen - "A dream come true - I can't believe how beautiful it is."

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