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The Hocktons

The Hocktons had specific requirements for their new kitchen.
It had to have a big American fridge, a state of the art coffee machine, a breakfast/after school dining bar for the family, a large flat screen TV with DVD player and all appliances for regular use had to be built-in. It also needed to incorporate a more formal dining area whilst giving a large, light and clean kitchen.

Oh yes – It also had to be ready for Dave’s 40th Birthday party in 3 weeks time!

Dave & Bev spent a long time searching for the provider for their special investment. An important criteria was that the solution had to come from a local supplier. They contacted Jason who understood their needs and provided a design that they could view in 3D to help them visualise the finished project.

Jason also suggested some improvements on placement and special features that, as Bev says, “.. improves the look of the kitchen and gives it more space and light”.

Colin project-managed the kitchen as well as bringing his experience into fitting the solution. Indeed it was Colin who solved the problem of where the coffee machine was to go. Bev again: “Fitted flush with the wall, friends and family have commented on how good the machine looks, and it self cleans!”

Using a local company that also cared about the project paid off trumps. The kitchen was ready for Dave’s 40th party (after massive efforts by Colin and Jason and the team).

Everyone enjoyed the "do" and commented on how beautiful the new kitchen looked.

When asked as to which was his favourite bit of the whole new kitchen, Jack (the youngest son) said “The ice-making machine”!

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